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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


Here is the list of recommended books for the 200-hours Teacher Training.
These are suggestions, you don't need to buy and read all!

Hope you'll enjoy reading them...
Namastè, Brigitte



- Yoga: Critical Alignment: Building a Strong, Flexible Practice through Intelligent Sequencing and Mindful Movement (Gert van Leeuwen)

- The Spirit and Practice of moving into Stillness (Erich Schiffmann).

- Structural Yoga Therapy (Mukunda Stiles).

- Yoga and the Quest for the True Self (stephen Cope).

- Meditation Now - Inner Peace through Inner Wisdom (S.N. Goenka).

- Light on Life and Light on Yoga  (B.K.S. Iyengar).

- Iyengar the Yoga Master (Kofi Busia).

- Yoga and the Living Tradition of  Krishnamacharya (T.K.V. Desikachar, R.H Cravens).


"Solstice Yoga Center is located on top of the hills surrounding San Agustinillo. The center has a very big room with an amazing palm roof where you can find a complete collection of tools to practice yoga positions.

All the teachers of Solstice Yoga Center are very professional. Thanks to all them for the beautiful moments we had during the classes! "
-- Michelle B, TripAdvisor member