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Brigitte Longueville teaching a restorative alignment yoga seminar
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Restorative Alignment - Workshops & Seminars

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Brigitte is the creator of the yoga method named Restorative Alignment. As an international teacher, she brings her teachings and insights to yoga studios and schools around the world.

Restorative Yoga Workshop in Harlingen, Texas
Yoga Center Harlingen, Texas 

These presentations include one-day seminars and longer intensives on a variety of subjects. They are geared for different levels: basic and introductory, more advanced, and special subjects for yoga teachers and teachers-in-training.

Join Brigitte at a special workshop near you, or if there is none in your neighborhood you might like to host her at your yoga school.

Restorative Alignment

Lots of movements in our daily lives happen mechanically, without any awareness. For that reason they are vulnerable to unconscious stress, often manifested thru postural preferences. In Restorative Alignment we look for limitations in the body and in the mind.

Restorative yoga seminar in Mexico City
Kendra Yoga, Mexico City 

There is often a confrontation with unpleasant sensations. Stiff muscles hurt while stretching, mobilizing discs, vertebrae and articulations can be painful. Letting go of tension can be as difficult as using strength. Observing this process without reacting is the meditative part of Restorative Alignment.
Mobility is flexibility in the joints, spine and in the muscles that move the body. When muscles are rigid, joints can not move, when joints are rigid muscles can not do their job. Different parts of the body have to communicate; a chain of movements where small movements can be transmitted has to be formed to create a total movement. With the use of tools we can release the obstructions in the chain of movement. We can create alignment in the spine and mobility in different parts of the body to learn to practice with a dynamic but relaxed balance.

Workshop & Seminar Calendar

Workshop Restorative Alignment with the BackMitra 2018-12-13
Workshop Restorative Alignment with the BackMitra
Atma Yoga, Mexico City, Mexico
December 13, 2018inscriptions open

Note! This workshop is taught in Spanish.


10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Atma Yoga
Calle 21 #109
Col. San Pedro de los Pinos
CP 03800
Delegacion Benito Juarez


telefono de casa: 5556694227
cellular: 5536552205

For information and bookings contact: Lourdes  
Telephone: +5215536552205

Intensive workshop - Restoring your nervous system 2019-01-12
Intensive workshop - Restoring your nervous system
Anitya Yoga, Ciudad de México, Mexico
January 12 - 13, 2019inscriptions open

Note: This workshop is taught in Spanish.

Dos días dedicados a restaurar profundamente nuestro sistema nervioso.
A causa del estrés en el que vivimos estamos cansados, alterados y no nos podemos relajar. Dedicaremos dos días a equilibrar, activar y a fortalecer nuestro cuerpo a través ...

For information and bookings contact: Gaby (solo por whatsapp lun a vie 9-18)  
Telephone: +5215551979910

Workshop Restorative Alignment on the Beach 2019-01-30
Workshop Restorative Alignment on the Beach
Las Trés Marías, San Agustinillo, Mexico
January 30 - February 01, 2019inscriptions open

Time: 7 to 10 am.
Price: $ 1,800  MXN for a total of 9 hours of classes.

For information and bookings contact: Sofía  

Workshop Restorative Alignment with the BackMitra 2019-02-02
Workshop Restorative Alignment with the BackMitra
Yoga One Love, Puerto Escondido, Oax., Mexico
February 02 - 03, 2019inscriptions open
For information and bookings contact: Georgina  
Telephone: +5219541081191

"What I learned at the Solstice intensive
Driving my car, eating and even sleeping, I never noticed the natural tension in my shoulders while doing even some of the activities that are supposed to be some of the most relaxing. Now, after Brigitte Longueville’s intensive, I have become more conscious of these tension areas my body has created.
For me, yoga has helped me to understand my body, how it works and ways to make each and every muscle work better together to create one fluid being. However, because of the Back Mitra and concentrated muscle work, I have become more aware of how to help conditioning them to work better for other muscles and my body as a whole.
It was interesting to see that the years of tension in my shoulders have created a “compaction” in my chest not allowing the mobility that should be in those areas. Knowing there is too much strength in my lower back, which helps me to understand why some poses come more easily and others are harder because my lower back does not flex, or relax, to allow me to properly execute the asana how it was intended. But over the course of the days I also come to the understanding that it was ok to have these problems, as long as you work to help them.
Brigitte’s expertise in muscle therapy is also evident by her repetitive asana series. Her conditioning seems to train your muscles over time. Each day, after the first two cycles, the ability to repeat them seemed to be endless.
I think what I took away more from the intensive, however, was a “mantra” that Brigitte instilled in me without even knowing it. The phrase “this is work” is something I now repeat to myself at times to realize that sometimes it is work to help release what we need to find that perfect balance on and off the mat."
-- Amy L., Texas, USA